The 3rd WPOC-ITF International Symposium on Western Boundary Currents and ENSO, Climate dynamicsSecond Announcement

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Western boundary currents and the Indonesian Throughflow play an important role in maintaining the mass and heat balances of the world oceans.  Our understanding of the variability and dynamics of these currents is far from complete, due partly to a lack of observations of these strong currents.  This deficiency has handicapped the study of modem climate variability and dynamics.

Since 20l0, the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS) has been conducting regular research cruises on an annual basis in the western Pacific Ocean to survey the ocean circulation in the tropical western Pacific, particularly the western boundary currents, for study of the warm pool variability and its climatic effects.  Beginning in 20l4, IOCAS has joined with the Research Center for Oceanography, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (RC0-LIPI) to conduct annual joint research cruises inside the Indonesian seas. Comprehensive measurements of physical, geological and biogeochemical variables have been conducted during these cruises.  Synchronous measurements in the tropical western Pacific Ocean and inside the Indonesian seas have been conducted for the first time in history, covering the major 20l5-20l6 El Nino event and the associated phase change of the decadal variability.  Synchronous research cruises have also been conducted in the surrounding oceans, including the tropical Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.  It is time to review the research findings based on these cruises and exchange scientific results internationally.

The 3rd International Symposium of Western Pacific Ocean Circulation and Indonesian Throughflow (WPOC-ITF) Studies on Western Boundary Currents and ENS0, Climate Dynamics is to be held in Qingdao October 30-3l, 20l8.  The meeting inherited the series of two symposiums held in Bali and Lombok Islands of Indonesia in late 20l6 and 20l7, respectively, and have assimilated the annual meeting of the NSFC innovative group project on “Dynamics of the western Pacific Ocean circulation” awarded to IOCAS scientists.  The objective of the WPOC-ITF symposium is to provide a forum for scientists to exchange results on Western Boundary Currents, the Indonesian Throughflow, ENSO, and Climate.  Theoretical and observational studies of WBCs in oceans other than the Indo-Pacific basins are also a focus.  The symposium will help shape future research of Western Boundary Currents and the Indonesian Throughflow, direct future field experiments, facilitate data exchange, and promote international cooperation.

The international symposium is sponsored by an NSFC Innovative Group Project, a CAS Strategic Priority Project (WPOS), and an NSFC Key International Cooperation Project.  The symposium is also under the auspices of the NPOCE program of CLIVAR, the Pilot Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, and the CAS Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Wave Studies.

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