Western Pacific Ocean is home to western Pacific warm pool-the warmest and largest warm pool among global oceans. It is not only the centre of global marine thermal exchange but also the key sea area driving significant conveyor of global oceans. The enormous amount of heat results in strong substance and energy exchange along this sea area, which influence the process of global climate variation, including some climate anomaly events, such as tropical Pacific El Nino and ENSO, etc. In addition, it also has an significant effect on regional climate variation, such as eastern Asian monsoon.



Innovative Group and Research Interest


The research group led by key scientific researchers from Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Waves of CAS, focus on the research theme of “Western Pacific Circulation Dynamic Processes”. The vertical structure of the western boundary currents in low altitude areas, the distribution、the structure and the relationship with upper circulation of subsurface circulation and deep circulation are expected to be specified, based on the triple dimensional structure、variation pattern、 dynamic mechanism、 warm pool and climatic effects of western Pacific circulation. Moreover, the dynamic mechanism of the north equatorial current bifurcation, the north and south equatorial currents convergence and their variation will be revealed. Furthermore, the process and mechanisms of the influence on Indonesian Throughflow and South China Sea Throughflow will be illustrated, at the same time, the scientific steering panel will also uncover the flux and mechanism of Kuroshio and Offshore exchange of China. The process and mechanism of the influence of the western Pacific circulation on the warm pool, ENSO and east Asian monsoon are to be expounded, and the "ocean channel" mechanism that affects the climate change and predictability of the Indo-Pacific basin will be revealed.


Scientific Steering Panel

Chief Scientist:


Yuan Dongliang  (Resume)


PI and Co-I:

Hu DunxinHou YijunWang Fan,  Yin BaoshuZhang RonghuaWang Faming,  Sun Che,  Xu YongshengYu Fei,  Wang Qiang




Scientific Steering Panel: http://itf.qdio.ac.cn/xxmjs/xdwzc/xsxkxj/  

Announcements: http://itf.qdio.ac.cn/xttxw/201808/t20180813_418367.html

Results and Achievements: http://itf.qdio.ac.cn/xyjcg/

Special Issue of Indo-Pacific Oceanic Channel Project from Journal of Oceanology and Limnology:



The 3rd WPOC-ITF International Symposium held successfully at the National Laboratory: http://itf.qdio.ac.cn/xttxw/201811/t20181113_457582.html 

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